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Our Dreams Might Align por Dana Diehl epub

Our Dreams Might Align por Dana Diehl

Descargar Our Dreams Might Align por Dana Diehl Epub y PDF

Dana Diehl con Our Dreams Might Align


Autor (s): Dana Diehl

Título: Our Dreams Might Align

Número de páginas: 134

Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 de abril de 2018

ISBN: 1999974107

Editor: Splice

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

Two brothers, swallowed by a whale, lament the loneliness they suffer in the belly of the beast. A man is transformed into a beam of light; another travels through time whenever he falls asleep. Teenage girls prepare for an indistinct apocalypse; a schoolboy dissolves into a throng of toads; and intimate relationships are twisted out of shape by plagues of worms, by parasites, by the presence of mindbending, inhuman forces.Across sixteen remarkable stories, Dana Diehl wanders the dreamscapes that unfold from those moments when everyday lives are warped by otherworldly experiences. Her journeys lead to places where the fabric of reality has frayed — where familiar things take on unsettling new meanings and menacing energies gather strength beyond the limits of the visible.
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