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Do You Remember The First Time? por Jenny Colgan epub

Do You Remember The First Time? por Jenny Colgan

Descargar Do You Remember The First Time? por Jenny Colgan Epub y PDF

Jenny Colgan con Do You Remember The First Time?


Autor (s): Jenny Colgan

Título: Do You Remember The First Time?

Número de páginas: 57

Fecha de lanzamiento: 11 de abril de 2013


Editor: Harpercollins

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

Life doesn’t have a rewind button. Ever wished it did?Flora’s wish is about to come true, in a magical new novel about the ultimate second chance, from the bestselling author of WORKING WONDERS and AMANDA’S WEDDING.As her best friend Tashy cuts into her wedding cake, 32-year-old Flora realises she is disillusioned with life. Suddenly, her well-paid job, cosy flat and stable relationship with sensible Olly don't amount to a whole lot. Flora wants to be 16 again. She closes her eyes and wishes. Her wish has come true.Waking up the next morning is a shock. But now Flora has the chance to right some wrongs. Trading crows feet for pimples, love handles for a torso Britney Spears would kill for and dull dinner parties for house parties where White Lightning and snogging are the order of the day, Flora revels in a life where things are far less complicated and just much more… FUN.It's not all laughs though. Will what she does change the future? How can she get back to the present and her ordinary life? And does she even want to?
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