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Divine Clementine por Hayley S-kirk epub

Divine Clementine por Hayley S-kirk

Descargar Divine Clementine por Hayley S-kirk Epub y PDF

Hayley S-kirk con Divine Clementine


Autor (s): Hayley S-kirk

Título: Divine Clementine

Número de páginas: 160

Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 de mayo de 2012


Editor: Random House Australia

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

I blow her a kiss. She catches it and puts it in her pocket for later like she always does. And then it happens. Why doesn't she look? Why doesn't the bus brake? Why is my body frozen? When 16-and-a-half-year-old Clementine Footner witnesses the tragic death of her eccentric aunt Stella, she feels as thought her world will never be the same again. Clementine idolised her aunt, and their intimate bond was something she treasured deeply. But after finding and reading Stella's diaries, she learns about a very different woman - an unstable, erratic Stella. This Stella suffered from Bipolar . . . and the whole family knew about it. Feeling betrayed and angry, with her life spiralling even further out of control, Clementine trudges through grief, despair, and the middle of nowhere to discover what truly matters.
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