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Genetics: A Handbook For Lawyers por A. Jamie Cuticchia epub

Genetics: A Handbook For Lawyers por A. Jamie Cuticchia

Descargar Genetics: A Handbook For Lawyers por A. Jamie Cuticchia Epub y PDF

A. Jamie Cuticchia con Genetics: A Handbook For Lawyers


Autor (s): A. Jamie Cuticchia

Título: Genetics: A Handbook For Lawyers

Número de páginas: 190

Fecha de lanzamiento: 9 de abril de 2019


Editor: American Bar Association

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

Genetics: A Handbook for Lawyers, Second Edition covers a wide range of relevant topics including:Molecular BiologyHistory of GeneticsCutting Edge Technology and Evidentiary ValueRole of Genetics in HealthForensic Collection and Analysis of DNAPaternity TestingConsumer GeneticsComputational Tools to Validate DataEthical IssuesDiscriminationMalpracticeIntellectual PropertyExplaining Genetic Issues to a JuryThe information contained in this reference book will better enable the law practitioner to be learned in the discipline, point out relevant and interesting legal issues to clients and the court, and help expert witnesses be as clear and effective as possible. This book is heavily annotated, through citations to statutes, case law, and scientific discoveries, for those wishing to explore a topic more deeply.It's a valuable resource for litigators, family or health lawyers, patent attorneys, or law students.
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