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Dermatologic Surgery por Jonathan Kantor epub

Dermatologic Surgery por Jonathan Kantor

Descargar Dermatologic Surgery por Jonathan Kantor Epub y PDF

Jonathan Kantor con Dermatologic Surgery


Autor (s): Jonathan Kantor

Título: Dermatologic Surgery

Número de páginas: 1440

Fecha de lanzamiento: 9 de junio de 2018

ISBN: 1259643921

Editor: Mcgraw-hill Education / Medical

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

Introducing the book that bridges the gap between a dermatologic surgery textbook and a dedicated flap and reconstructive guideDermatologic Surgery is a unique resource that offers the benefits of both a single-volume multi-author global dermatologic surgery textbook and a dedicated flap and reconstructive reference. Conveniently organized by flap type as well as regional approach, it offers by far the most comprehensive flap and reconstruction sections of any general dermatologic surgery book. The book’s content breakdown attempts to reflect the proportion of time, effort, and training required for a given subject. For example, there are five full chapters (in addition to numerous other sections) dedicated to Mohs surgery. Similarly, a total of 17 richly illustrated chapters, including those devoted to particular flap techniques and regional approaches to reconstruction, address flap and graft closures. Since anatomy is the foundation on which all surgery is built, the anatomy chapter was built on a true ground-up cadaveric study of head and neck anatomy with an eye to clinical relevance. Full-length high-quality videos are an essential adjunct to learning procedural techniques, and this text includes the largest video resource of its kind ever compiled. This coupled with almost 3,000 high-quality clinical photographs and nearly 500 professional medical illustrations, including infographics with surgical pearls for each chapter – many bolstered by beginner tips, expert tips, cautions, patient education points, and even billing tips – make this a true primer for real-world skin surgery practice.
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