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The Prenatal Human Cranium por I. Kjaer epub

The Prenatal Human Cranium por I. Kjaer

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I. Kjaer con The Prenatal Human Cranium


Autor (s): I. Kjaer

Título: The Prenatal Human Cranium

Número de páginas: 192

Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 de diciembre de 1999

ISBN: 8716121465

Editor: Munksgaard International Publishers

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

This work deals with the development of the human cranium before birth. It is divided into two parts, one focusing on normal development and the other on pathologic development. In a systematic, atlas-like section on normal development, an account is given of where, when and how bone development takes place both within the individual bones and as regards the developmental sequence among the bones. Details are also given of brain development and the development of the last eight years has shown a close relationship between brain/nerve development and bone/tooth development. This interrelationship has enabled a bridge to be built between basic science and clinical experience and has created the basis for the biologic boundary area, neuro-osteology, which will be increasingly important in the years to come. The book is illustrated with photographs, radiographs, histological sections and drawings - all oriented in the same way in order to facilitate the readers three-dimensional perception of the complex course of development. The book is intended for both the medical and the dental team dealing with child development.
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